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HR Lexy is an electronic performance group based in Nashville, TN. The group's sound has been described as haunting electronic pop. HR Lexy lyrically explores the pull between dark and light, humanity's relationship with nature, and spiritual awareness with synth soundscapes, crisp drum beats, and ethereal dream-like vocals. HR Lexy incorporates carefully coordinated lights theatrics and performance art into their live set. The band's debut EP Nature Vs Neon was released in 2015. Then "Slaves to the Light" in Oct 2016. Their  third EP "my mouth is your mouth" came out August 2018. The upcoming album will be released September 21st 2019 at Mercy Lounge for their album titled "ART OVEREGO"



"If you appreciate dark and introspective electronic pop, you'll want to know Music City's own HR Lexy, the outfit fronted by Arlene Sparacia. Her songs often examine complicated emotions within carefully crafted electronic soundscapes — sort of like she's taking an auditory trip in order to better process them." -Stephen Trageser (The Nashville Scene)

"Theatrical & interpretive, HR_Lexy's Arlene Sparacia designs a gripping and mysterious show. Utilizing carefully choreographed dancers, lights, costuming, and stage adornments, Arlene's performances manage to fuse the organic and innate against her synthetic, new-age synthscapes. The biggest delight - her anguished and operatic voice - soars atop the smoky and synaptic musical landscape, conjuring images of an infuriated queen whose voice reverberates throughout her castle's walls."  -Jesse Gillenwalters

"Combining otherworldly electric beats, cosmic goddess vocals and a strong, dark groove, HR_Lexy transcends genre barriers and will leave you feeling some type of way." -Far Out Fest

“HR_Lexy would have fit in perfectly on the label 4AD during its heyday. Lush, dark, and dreamy.” Adam Alexis McDole – Host WXNA Nashville Radio

“The songs on this short, 5 track, album are absolutely brilliant. There is a hauntingly beautiful quality to both voice and sound that reminds me of old Kate Bush meets Siouxsie and the Banshees meets a female fronted Cure.”
925 Rebellion Magazine


Nashville, TN, USA